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2 Assessment of Impact of Russian Nuclear Fleet Operations on Russian Far Eastern Coastal Regions
3 Feasibility study of management of solid and liquid radioactive waste at Andreeva Bay
4 Andreeva Bay communication project
5 Andreeva Bay: Task 1 - Characterisation of Building 5
6 Purification of liquid radioactive waste at Atomflot site
7 Establishment of engineering infrastructure for remediation of nuclear storage site at Andreeva Bay
8 Andreeva Bay: Task 3 - Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Tank Cover
10 Feasability Study for the Remediation of the Lepse nuclear service ship
11 Regulatory Lepse Project
12 Murmansk 80-tonne Cask Project
13 Radioactive Waste Repository at Novaya Zemlya Archipelago
15 Inventory of radioactive waste and spent fuel at the Kola Peninsula region of the North-West Russia
16 Evolution of the radiological situation around nuclear reactors with spent fuel enclosed, which are dumped in the Kara Sea
17 Geological disposal options for radioactive waste in North West Russia
18 Improvement of the safety of the management of radioactive waste in the North-West Region of Russia/ Interim storage
19 Preliminary study for an EIA for defuelling Russian Submarines at PO Zvezdochka
20 Improvement of radioactive waste management at the Severodvinsk naval yards
21 Dismantlement of Nuclear Powered Submarines in North-West Russia
22 Interim Fuel Storage Facility at FGUP Atomflot, Murmansk
23 Interim Dry SNF Storage at Mayak Plant
24 Upgrading of the LWR Treatment Facility at Atomflot
25 Dismantling of two Oscar 1 Class nuclear submarines
26 Andreeva Bay: Task 2 - Spent Nuclear Fuel Management Options Study
27 Andreeva Bay: Task 4 - Radiation Protection.
28 Andreeva Bay: Task 6 - Development of an Integrated Database.
29 Rehabilitation of Murmansk RADON Centre
30 Dismantlement of two Victor II class multipurpose nuclear powered submarines
31 Andreeva Bay: Task 5 - Site and Building Surveys.
32 Risk analysis of accident scenarios associated with radioactive waste in Andreeva Bay
33 Development of a methodological guidance document for Industrial Activities in Andreeva Bay
34 Development of a Sophisticated Computer Based Data System for Evaluation of the Radiation Legacy of the Former USSR
35 Conception of the Russian Nuclear Powered Submarines Inactivation and Recycling
36 Environmental Assessment of the Nerpa Ship Repair Complex
37 Technology of Nuclear Submarine Dismantlement Using Abrasive Water-Jet Cutting Method
38 Application of the Picasso System at FGUP Atomflot
39 Creation of the Long-term Storage Facility for Reactor Compartments
40 Building of four rail cars for SNF casks transportation
41 The repair of tanks for liquid radioactive waste at Zvezdochka yard in Severodvinsk
42 RTGs securing and replacement with alternative sources in North West Russia
43 Installation of system for physical protection of spent nuclear fuel stored on board Murmansk Shipping Company’s service ship "Lotta"
44 Renovation of the solid waste incinerator of the Zvezdochka shipyard
45 Removal of SNF from Gremikha site - France
47 Dismantlement of one Victor III class multipurpose nuclear powered submarine
48 Physical security at Andreeva Bay
49 Dismantlement of the nuclear powered cruiser "Admiral Ushakov"
50 Dismantlement of nuclear powered strategic submarines
52 TACIS Information Centre for Governmental and Public Awareness and Acceptance of Radwaste Management Issues in the Murmansk Region (R4.05/03)
53 Concept and programme for the realisation of a radwaste repository for short-lived low and intermediate level waste (LILW-SL) in the Leningrad Region
55 Strategic Master Plan - Phase II (SMP-II)
56 Qualification of Sites for Safe Disposal of Toxic and Radioactive Wastes in Clays in the North-West Region of Russia (ISTC Project #3193)
57 Strategy definition for institutional framework for radioactive waste management in the Russian Federation. TACIS Project R4.04/04
58 Creation of safe conditions for storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel from Alpha Class Submarines at the site of Gremikha.
59 Development of Conceptual Design for Rremoval of Waste from the Open Storage Pad and Improvement of Storage Conditions of Spent Fuel in Gremikha
60 Dismantling of one Victor III Class nuclear submarine
61 Andreeva Bay: Design Development Work Packages
62 Andreeva Bay: Additional Surveys and Investigations
63 Andreeva Bay: Building Demolition
64 Andreeva Bay: Justification of Investments (OBIN)
65 Improvement of the Physical Protection System at Gremikha
66 Upgrading the Regulatory Framework of the Russian Federation for the Safe Decommissioning and Disposal of Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators
67 Regulatory guidance for improving radiation protection and remediation of the SevRAO nuclear facilities
68 Education and training in radiation protection
69 Japan’s Assistance for the Dismantlement of the Decommissioned Nuclear Submarines
70 Andreyeva Bay: Implementation Project (continuation of Task 4)
71 Andreeva Bay: Tools and Devices Development
72 Andreeva Bay: Project Management Department (PMD) - SevRAO
73 Dismantling a November class submarine #291 (jointly with Norway)
77 RTG decommisoning and securing from the Baltic Sea
78 Dismantlement of NPS 291
79 Conversion of reactor compartments
80 Radioactive waste management facilities at SevRAO Andreeva Bay site
81 Dismantling decomissioned nuclear submarines
83 RTG Decommissioning and Securing Program from Pacific Coast and Northern Sea Route
84 Cooperation with the Russian Federation in the of field nuclear security
86 NDEP nuclear clean-up projects
88 Casks TUK-143 for Alfa reactor cores and containers for radwaste
89 Physical protection of shipyards dealing with SNF and RW
90 Design and construction of a service ship for transportation of casks with SNF in the North-West of Russia
91 Andreeva Bay: Construction of the Decontamination, Maintenance and Storage Building
92 Andreeva Bay: SNF shielding and design of the SNF retrieval facility
93 Japan's Support for Long-Term Storage of Submatine Reactor Compartments in the Far East
94 Nuclear submarine dismantling in Far-East Russia
95 Defueling and Dismantlement of Cruiser 090
96 Dismantlemen of the Lepse Floating Maintenance Base.
97 Defuelling of a Papa class NPS.
98 Andreeva Bay SNF Management System.
99 Enhancement of the radiation monitoring and emergency response system in the Archangelsk and Murmansk regions.
100 Provision of Floating Facility for Processing Liquid Radioactive Waste for Zvezda Shipyard
101 Refurbishment of the Hot Cell for Damaged SNF at Mayak Plant
103 NIIAR accumulation pad for reactor cores of Alpha class submarines
106 Isolation of damaged submarines in the Far East
108 Lepse Regulatory Project
109 Removal of SNF from Gremikha site - Russia
110 Removal of SNF from Russian Navy bases - US support
112 Removal of SNF from Gremikha site
113 Mounting a 100t crane at Atomflot
114 Joint Norwegian-Russian expediton to the Kara Sea
115 Dismantlement of the floating nuclear maintenance base Volodarski
116 Physical protection upgrades for the Serebryanka service ship at Atomflot
117 Upgrades for the physical protection system at the Nerpa Shipyard
118 Establishment of a control dosimetry station at Andreeva Bay
119 Provision of 20 foot containers for the transportation of radioactive waste from Gremikha Bay
120 Automated System of accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials in Andrreeva Bay
121 Supply of Canisters for Transportation of Spent Nuclear Fuel Assemblies from Andreeva Bay
122 Creation of the Regional Centre for Radioactive Waste Conditioninig and Interim Storage
123 Modernisation of the dismantlement infrastructure at the Nerpa shipyard, SevRao and DalRao.
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